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The kitchen is the hub of most households so its important to buy the best gadgets and appliances that will stand up to regular use.

Cooking Appliances

When it comes to the oven, one appliance that is likely to be used often, you want to consider capacity. What capacity will you require for everyday use and those special occasions? The hob is also an item that will see regular use. With a choice of gas, electric, ceramic or induction, there is a lot to think about.

Cooker hoods are one appliance that is often overlooked but are an important part of the kitchen and help to keep the room free from smoke, condensation and clear from greasy air particles that are inevitable when cooking with oil. Compact appliances like microwaves, steam ovens or a sous vide can add flexibility to your cooking and give you that little extra capacity.
As with all our appliances we have a full range of manufacturers and a world of choice with built in and freestanding options. Just tell us how you like to cook and we can advise a great solution.

Cleaning Appliances

When considering a new kitchen, cleaning appliances are likely to be high on the agenda. A dishwasher is only a luxury until you get one… and then it’s a time-saving, energy-saving kitchen genius. Decide which features best fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a large family or entertain often, you may want to choose a full size dishwasher over a slim line.

While we might purposely choose other products for specific features, we expect washing machines to just get the job done without grabbing our attention. So, we don’t spend much time thinking about spin speed, energy rating or capacity. However, choosing the right washing machine is an important decision in efficiently running any household.

Cooling Appliances

Largely forgotten in the decision making, but get it wrong and you could find yourself scraping ice out of the freezer of your new kitchen. Frost free freezers are becoming the industry standard on integrated appliances but not standard across manufacturers entire range.

Are you a regular purchaser of fresh produce or do you like to store and freeze? Capacity, fridge to freezer splits, having an ice facility are choices that could be the finishing touch that completes your kitchen.

Lifestyle Appliances

If you’re into entertaining you may want to consider lifestyle appliances such as coffee machines or wine fridges to create that little extra edge for your guests to enjoy.
Wine fridges can be bought as standalone units or as part of a larger machine. They usually have glass fronts and decorative lighting for the discerning connoisseur proud of their collection. There are lots of capacity and zone options these days. If you have a taste for both white and red then a dual zone wine fridge might be for you, chill your white while keeping your red at the perfect temperature.

Built in coffee machines are a great addition to any kitchen. If you particularly like your coffee this could be your go to appliance rather than the one you dust off. We recommend models that attach to your mains water as emptying and filling a water reservoir can become increasingly annoying. Machines with built in bean grinders will not only make you a better cup but also reduce the faff factor.

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