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For many, the word ‘traditional’ can conjure images of country cottages. Visions of low oak beamed ceilings, solid stable doors, views of wildflowers flowing back and forth in the light breeze, and horses grazing merrily in the vast green fields in the distance. You can almost smell that fresh, crisp spring country air. But while we would all love nothing more than to wake one morning to find we’ve miraculously been transported to the country, for most its just not possible.

However, there’s a reason the traditional kitchen trend is one that will always come out on top against all others. Living in the suburbs or even the city does not mean you can’t bring a little country into your home. Whether you live in a modern apartment, new build town house or detached urban bungalow, your country kitchen dream can become reality. Furthermore, you don’t need a huge budget to bring that nostalgic vision to life. Not having a showroom means we are able to provide excellent quality kitchens at a reasonable price. We have a huge range of traditional kitchens with an array of colours and storage solutions to suit most budgets.

Here are just some of the fabulous traditional kitchens we have available.