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For a worktop that looks clean and crisp a Glass worktop or splash-back could be what your looking for. With an unlimited choice of colours, various textures and a 12mm or 20mm profile.
The glass is templated on site, cut to size back at the factory and finally foes through a toughening process to make it heat and scratch resistant.
As glass is a non-porous material, glass worktops are also stain resistant and easily wiped clean.
Glass works well with various angles or curves and looks truly stunning with under unit lighting.


Wooden worktops in any kitchen makes for an eye-catching feature. They come in a range of thicknesses and can be styled to create stunning designs. Provided wooden worktops are cared for correctly, they grow more beautiful with age. The good news is that maintaining solid wood is easy. We are more than happy to offer advice to help ensure the longevity of your timber worktop.


This worktop speaks for itself; you only have to take a look at it. Due to its natural origins, each granite worktop has a unique colour, character and beauty. Due to its resistance to heat and cold, Granite is a perfect fit for the kitchen. As granite is a natural porous material it is not indestructible and vulnerable to stains. That being said, with it’s incredibly hard structure it is not easily damaged in the course of daily life.
Stunning natural stones can really give your kitchen a unique edge. With a little care and maintenance Granite will give you a lifetime of pleasure.


When it comes to worktops Quartz is one of the strongest performers in all areas. It has a high resistance to scratches and heat and being non-porous means it’s highly stain resistant. We offer various brands which offer a full breadth and depth of colour choices as well as varying finish options.
Quartz worktops are made up of 95% crushed quartz with a resin to bind. Glass particles are added to some ranges to give them an extra sparkle, whilst other colours can provide natural looking marble effects.


Corian is one of the most versatile worktops available. Your palette is whatever you want it to be. Corian in a satin finish and has a range of translucent colours which can achieve stunning back lit effects when bathed in light. Many of the colours can come with striking effects: veining, translucency and various degrees of graining. It can be moulded to create raised textures and patterns on its surface or worked like wood to give perfectly rounded edges.
Corian is made from crushed stone with a resin to bind which is why it’s so malleable and makes joints hard to see with the naked eye. If you want something that stretches to your imagination Corian is the right choice.

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