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When it comes to choosing the right tap for your kitchen, style and material are one thing, but unlike sinks you also have to consider what features you would like from you tap.

Nowadays, taps come with a plethora of various features that can really make day to day life a little easier. Take a look at some of those features below.

Pull-out Spray Taps

First on the list of features is a pull-out spray tap. Spray taps have a handy hose that, when not in use, sits inside the tap itself and can be pulled out when needed. This type of tap can be really useful for washing larger items, like pots and pans or for spraying down fruit and vegetables.

Water Filter Tap

Having a filtered water tap removes the need for buying bottled water or water filter jugs that take up unnecessary space in the fridge. Filtered water taps have a built in filter that removes harmful bacteria and parasites, lead, chlorine and improves taste and odour.

Boiling Water Tap

Nothing says convenience quite like making a steaming cup of coffee using boiling water straight from the tap. No more waiting for the kettle to boil, just pop on the kitchen tap. Boiling water taps work by the use of a hot water tank which heats the water up before sending it through your tap – giving you instant hot water.

Now, all you need is a sink to go with that tap. Take a look at our sinks page for advice in choosing the right sink.